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Find out how we're able to tackle the unique intellectual property challenges the sporting and gaming sectors face.

Following the state of play in the sporting and gaming industries is crucial to be able to tackle the unique IP challenges this sector comes up against.


If you’re part of a high-profile sports team, it’s likely you have an international fan base – and a well-known brand. That can bring with it counterfeiting issues. So we work with a number of regulatory and enforcement bodies to address these challenges, providing IP services to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Our trade mark attorneys have long-standing experience in the growing gaming industry, advising clients such as Sportech plc and Chartwell Games. Different parts of the world vary in their regulatory approach to trademarking games. But our experience means we can formulate the best approach to registering marks in countries as diverse as the US, China and India, as well as Mauritius and Bermuda – two islands with thriving gaming industries.

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