About us

Just as your ideas are unique, our approach to protecting them is individually tailored. We formulate intelligent plans to safeguard your intellectual property – now and into the future.

Long-standing reputation, forward-thinking approach

Global conglomerates. Regional start-ups. Over the years we’ve worked with a range of clients and sectors, assembling a wealth of expertise. Building on that experience, our advice focuses on what’s happening today – as well as what tomorrow may bring.

Individual needs, tailored advice

There is no single method behind the way we work. However, we always begin by getting to know your industry, competitors and goals. Building a picture of your needs at the outset helps us establish the best possible outcome. Plus it allows us to forge lasting client relationships – which we value.

Complex questions, considered answers

We know that intellectual property can seem complex. So while we thrive on complicated cases, we make sure our guidance is always clear and jargon-free. That way, you’ll have a solid grasp of what we’re proposing, and feel able to explore it with us. We also make sure you’re in control of expenditure at all times.

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