Day in the life of a support colleague

As part of the support team, Emma works with our patent attorneys to ensure the smooth operation of our service for clients.


I arrive into the office and read through any emails that have come in over the weekend.


With none of the emails requiring my immediate attention I head to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and set myself up for the day.


First of all I check the “to report” folder to see what items need reporting and prepare draft reporting emails for checking by my patent attorney colleagues.


As it is Monday morning I head to a meeting room for our weekly team meeting with some of my London colleagues.


We stay in the meeting room and join a Skype call with the whole physics, engineering and IT patents team across the other offices. This is a weekly meeting and everyone discusses what work they have on for the week, and anything interesting that happened since the meeting last Monday.


This is when I usually head for lunch. Most days I get out for a walk and then head back to the office to sit in our spacious kitchen with my lunch.


I’ve finished lunch and I have a number of approval emails to send out from the drafts I prepared this morning. I get them sent out and mark off my to-do list.


We have just received formal drawings from our draughtsperson and so I prepare a standard letter and upload to EPOLine (the European Patent Office Online Services) for checking.


I am currently mentoring a new administrator and today we are going over preparing filing instructions to foreign associates as we have a couple of cases to be filed in China and the US.


Time to leave the office for the day.

"We catch up about what we got up to over the weekend and discuss our whereabouts for the week."