Freedom to operate and patent landscaping

Going from that first ‘light bulb moment’ to launching your new product or technology is an exciting journey. But discovering someone else already owns the patent can be frustrating. With Freedom to Operate (FTO) and patent landscaping searches, you can see exactly what’s on the horizon.

Freedom to Operate searches

After getting to know the territories you’re entering and the competitors you’ll be up against, we run comprehensive, strategic FTO searches with the help of trusted, technically-qualified specialist search organisations. Using the correct parameters, the right searching organisation and careful analysis, we will show whether your path to market and the rights you need are clear. 

Freedom to Operate Analysis & Reports 

We will carefully analyse the results of your freedom to operate search to assess whether your route to market is clear. We typically take a staged approach to our freedom to operate analysis, filtering the search results to quickly identify those third party rights which require more consideration. If we think that a third party patent is blocking your way, we will provide commercially-focussed advice as to how you can remove that blockage or work around it.

Patent landscaping

Patent landscaping involves going through existing intellectual property with a fine-toothed comb. It’s a good idea to talk to us about this early on, when developing your idea. That way, you minimise the risk of infringing others’ rights. And if you need to license or acquire rights, we can weigh up your options.

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