Aerospace Patents

Discover our areas of expertise in the commercial and military/defence spaces.

Whether you’re operating in the commercial or military and defence space, a good grounding in intellectual property law can help your ideas take flight. 

As the second largest in the world, the UK aerospace sector comprises a wide range of organisations in an extensive supply chain. We work with every link in that chain, including several of the country’s ‘primes’. So our attorneys are well placed to advise on:

  • Aircraft interiors
  • Computer- and software-implemented inventions
  • Electrical and hydraulic equipment
  • Fuel systems
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Material processing techniques, such as welding and machining
  • Materials, including composites and alloys
  • Mechanical and structural engineering
  • Optics-related technologies
  • Sensors
  • Testing systems

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For more details on our work within the aerospace sector, contact Jim Pearson.

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