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The contents of the website (“Content”) accessible via the URL www.abelimray.com contains various material, the intellectual property rights for which belong to Abel + Imray.

Permissions granted

All personal non-commercial use is of course permitted.  It is also permitted to reproduce part of the Content for personal use, including personal use within a commercial setting, provided that (a) the use is fair and reasonable, (b) there is no distribution, publication or other dissemination to the public in any way, (c) the use does not damage the reputation of Abel + Imray, (d) the use is not part of the provision of legal services by a legal services provider, (e) no part of the Content is used in return for money or money’s worth, (f) the use does not form part of, or relate to, any illegal, or potentially illegal, activity, and (g) the use acknowledges www.abelimray.com as the source of any material reproduced. 

Rights reserved

Written permission from Abel + Imray is required for reproduction of any part of the Content, other than described above.  In particular, the Abel + Imray logo and the photographs of any partners, attorneys or other staff of Abel + Imray, must not be reproduced without the prior written consent from Abel + Imray.

Linking to our website

New links to our website are welcomed, but please contact us in advance of linking to us so that you can be sure that you have the relevant permissions from Abel + Imray, for the type and format of link that you are proposing.

Trade Marks

The words “Abel + Imray” and the associated pink-red stylised logo are the subject of trade mark rights belonging to Abel + Imray, and include the following rights: UK TM Nos.  UK00003351291, UK00900066837 & UK00915360381, EUTM Nos. 015360381, 17995701 & 000066837.

Design Rights

The logos featuring the sets of words “Your Ideas.  Protected.”, “Your brands.  Secured.” and “Your business.  Understood.” each set being framed in square brackets, and the “[+]” device, are the subject of Community (European Union) Unregistered Design Rights.  

Reliance on Content

Endeavours are made to ensure that the Content is kept up to date, but no guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the Content.  This website is not a substitute for proper considered legal advice and, as such, no reliance should be made on any part of the Content, without first consulting us. Abel + Imray shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on or use of any part of the Content.


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