Renewable Energy

Solar cells, wind turbines and wave power systems – the renewable energy sector is synonymous with groundbreaking technologies that require IP protection.

Our attorneys are engineers and scientists who have direct experience of the renewable energy sector and their specialisms include physics, electronics, software, materials, chemistry and biotech.

Areas of our expertise:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Battery technology including charging systems
  • Biofuels including algal biofuels
  • Composite materials
  • Control systems
  • Nuclear power
  • Non-destructive testing systems
  • Offshore infrastructure
  • Osmotic power systems
  • Photovoltaic device manufacturing
  • Power management
  • Power storage
  • Vapour deposition technologies
  • Wind energy harvesting

The Green Channel

Talk to us about our experience with the Green Channel scheme. Run by the UK Intellectual Property Office, it’s a pathway we have used to speed up prosecution relating to environmentally friendly technologies.

You can read a related article on the Green Channel here.

Who we work with

We assist UK, European and global clients in solar, geothermal, osmotic, wind and battery technology to protect their innovations and brands. Our team has extensive experience of guiding organisations through the different growth stages of a technology from initial design, through development to commercial scale.

If you are looking to develop a long term relationship with an IP firm who specialise in renewable energy, please contact Jim Denness or Neil Forsyth to discuss your requirements and innovations.

"Abel & Imray are definitely more professional [than other firms I have used] and there's more preparation of the topic before getting into a meeting, and I like that a lot."

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