Intellectual Property Agreements & Transactions

Learn about the various ways of transferring IP rights – and how we can help.

When it comes to ownership, Intellectual Property works in much the same way as traditional bricks and mortar. Just like when you buy or sell a house, you can transfer rights to another party by assignment, license them to third parties or use them as security on a mortgage.

When putting together the paperwork required to support a planned transaction, a team of people may be involved, from negotiating the head terms of an IP transfer agreement to sorting out the finer details

Legal and formal requirements differ from country to country, and we can help you by co-ordinating and managing the transaction so it is valid and enforceable in all countries of interest. We will also help you by making sure that transactions are correctly registered, which can be vitally important.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, please contact us at an early stage to allow us to advise on the best way forward.

Intellectual Property transfer agreement

As with any agreement which transfers ownership of an asset, it is vital that your IP transfer agreement is water-tight. Get it right and ownership of your IP will be seamlessly transferred and registered with the IP authorities. Get it wrong and you may not own the IP, and you may not be able to enforce the IP. Involve us from the beginning and we will ensure that your IP rights are transferred without fuss and the transfer recorded.

For advice and practical support relating to Intellectual Property rights and transactions, contact us.