Has your patent lapsed? Find out why being quick off the mark to seek legal advice could help restore your rights.

Missed renewal fees. A mix-up over deadlines. Despite best efforts, patent rights can occasionally – and unintentionally – lapse. Although not ideal, all may not be lost.

Patent Expiration and Lapsed Patents

We have extensive experience of reinstating expired or lapsed patents. Our attorneys know exactly what sort of action you need to take and what sort of evidence you will need to prove your case.

Your chances of success will depend on whether or not you intended to allow the patent to lapse, and how soon you contact us. It is important to act quickly to increase your chance of succeeding and to stop third parties from having any rights to work your invention. We will also help put things in place to ensure that the patent does not lapse again.

Restitutio Cases

We have extensive experience in patent restoration cases (sometimes referred to as “restitutio” or “restitutio in integrum” cases). Success, though, can depend on the circumstances in which the patents lapsed and, crucially, how quickly we’re involved.

If you find yourself in this situation, get in touch with Matthew Critten as soon as possible.

We can assess the strength of your case and know exactly what sort of evidence will be needed to get your patent restored. But it is vital that you act quickly.