We combine technical expertise with legal knowledge to provide you with the advice you need in the ever-changing world of software.

In the modern world, software and information technology advance at blistering speed. Our team and our advice keep pace to help you protect your software intellectual property well into the future.

You can seek advice from us about all aspects of protecting your software IP. Drawing on our extensive experience, we advise on complex patentability issues for computer programs, mathematical algorithms, and business methods.

Our work in this field has seen us advise some of the world's leading corporations on intellectual property in software, but our clients also include UK universities, academic spin-out organisations, SMEs, and start-ups. We are well-placed to protect your software innovations and the brands behind them.

Our Expertise:

We have experience and technical expertise in fields including:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    We work with clients using machine learning and artificial intelligence for all kinds of applications. Whether it’s for resource allocation, mission planning, or content generation, we can help you protect your AI inventions.
  • Image Processing
    From computer vision to virtual and augmented reality, we work with clients in across a wide range of sectors.
  • Business and Financial Technology
    Our experience in this field covers a wide range of fintech innovations, from applications of blockchain and cryptography to database management systems. We have extensive experience in advising on complex patentability issues (including the computer program and business method exclusions in the UK and Europe), so can help you navigate the blurred and shifting boundaries of patent eligibility.
  • Medical Software
    We have advised on inventions relating to the processing of databases of patient records, modelling and simulation of cell genetic behaviour, and artificial intelligence systems for drug discovery.

If you’re looking for someone to help you protect your software inventions, contact Tom Burt to discuss how we can help.

"This is a firm with the ability to handle IP concerning the most complicated and intellectually demanding of cutting-edge technology"

Brendan Spillane, Project Manager for Technology Transfer Group, ISIS Innovation Ltd (Oxford University’s technology transfer company)