Portfolio management

Whether budding or blooming, your intellectual property portfolio needs careful management. From regular reviews to renewal support, we offer services to help things run smoothly. 

We can also take over managing your IP portfolio from another organisation – if you’d like one service provider to look after everything.

Reviewing your rights

Regular reviews give you a clear and comprehensive picture of your intellectual property. As part of a review, we’ll examine the rights you currently have in force, look at pending rights and forecast future expenditure. That way you can be sure your IP portfolio is operating efficiently and effectively.

Maintaining your rights

Keeping track of rights that need to be renewed can be a full-time job. And missing a payment may mean you inadvertently lose rights. We work closely with a specialist renewals service provider to keep you up to speed with all renewal dates and payments.  

To discuss portfolio management in more detail, please contact us.

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