Corporate Social Responsibility

Just as we take a forward-thinking approach to safeguarding intellectual property, we look carefully at the impact our business practices will have on society today – and in the future. That means working ethically, responsibly and mindfully. It’s about being profitable – but not at any cost.

Here’s a brief rundown of how we do that.

Reducing waste
Going paperless – where possible – means we can dramatically cut waste. So we now work on electronic case files. Environmental officers ensure that anything else is recycled – right down to old computers that we wipe and recondition before donating to charity.

Lowering Pollution
Our responsibilities don’t begin and end at the office doors. We encourage our people to travel using public transport or our cycle-to-work scheme, to reduce pollution. 73% of our people get to work using public transport or travel by foot/cycle. By being eco-friendly at work, rest and play, we believe sustainability will become second nature for all of us.

Raising funds
Every year, we promote at least one positive initiative that enriches society rather than focusing purely on profit margins. This has seen us support GCSE and A-level students through the Innovation Awards events, run by Welsh examination board WJEC, for the last ten years. We also proudly cheer on Abel + Imray individuals involved in their own charity work. And together, we continue to raise money on Jeans for Genes day – something we’ve done every year for a decade.

Improving equality, diversity and inclusivity
Put simply, we treat everyone at Abel + Imray equally. But we have a working culture that recognises and respects difference too. Taking our equal opportunities role seriously, we have an active Diversity & Inclusivity group and encourage each individual to play an active part in our business, and support everyone to reach their personal potential.

We are also an early signatory to the IP Inclusive scheme. Jim Pearson is part of the IP Inclusive South West Committee. It’s all part of our commitment to improving diversity and inclusivity not only within our own business, but the wider legal community.

IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Pledge

For a full copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility policies, please contact us.