Oil and gas

Read about how we harness a deep understanding of oil and gas technologies to advise the petroleum industry on IP matters.

As patent consultants to the petroleum sector, we harness a deep understanding of oil and gas technologies when advising on IP matters.

Our experience within the oil and gas industry is broadly split across three divisions:

  • Extraction
    Such as the processing and analysis of well logging data.
  • Offshore activities
    Including large-scale infrastructure and pipe laying.
  • Chemical processing and chemical engineering
    Polymer technology, inks, petrochemicals, catalysis, lubricants, polyolefins, polyolefin films and reactor technologies (especially fluid bed and loop reactors, zeolites, and supported organometallic catalysts).

Just like oil and gas technologies, IP legislation is complex and often evolving. But the guidance we give is always clear, forward-thinking and focussed on your individual case.  

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