Filing applications and taking them to grant

Once drafted, see how we meet all the necessary filing requirements for your application – and take them to grant at patent offices.

We will file and secure your grant of applications at the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office – something we do routinely. And we can liaise with trusted attorneys across the globe to help you obtain patents internationally.

Patent Filing Service

Our bread-and-butter work involves the filing of UK, European and International (PCT) patent applications for our clients. Years of experience, coupled with diligent attorneys, ensure that your patent filings are in safe hands.

How long does it take to have a patent granted?

Going from point of application to having a patent granted can take several years. During that time, your business may evolve and your commercial objectives shift. But we stay in touch throughout – we can make sure the final outcome meets your needs.

Where to file a patent?

Patents are territorial in nature. And deciding where and when to file can be challenging. We can work with you to develop a focused filing strategy, drawing on our network of trusted foreign attorney firms if needed. So you can be sure that your foreign patent applications are in safe hands.

Foreign Patent Filing

We recognise that companies today do business all over the world and that your overseas patent applications are important to you. We will draw on our experience of overseas patent practice and our network of trusted foreign attorney firms to ensure that your foreign patent applications are in safe hands.

Where can I learn more?

For a detailed explanation of the application process, read our Guide to Patents. Or, talk to one of our patent attorneys.

"Whether you’re a new-to-patents small business owner or experienced in-house IP manager, the guidance we offer will be crystal clear"