Natasha Perks

Natasha Perks

Senior Associate
+44(0) 1225 469914

Professional Qualifications:
European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney

As a Chartered and European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator, Natasha is able to represent clients in matters before the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

Academic Qualifications:
M.Sci. Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
D.Phil. Condensed Matter Physics, University of Oxford

Scientific Background
Natasha studied Physics, Material Science, and Chemistry as part of a Natural Science degree. Her Masters research involved experimental investigations of strain relaxation in perovskite materials:

Strain relaxation mechanisms of elastic softening and twin wall freezing associated with structural phase transitions in (Ca,Sr)TiO3 perovskites - IOPscience

Her PhD research focused on experimental characterisation of multiferroic materials having novel magnetic structures: Magneto-orbital helices as a route to coupling magnetism and ferroelectricity in multiferroic CaMn7O12 | Nature Communications

Natasha handles patent and registered design work for a diverse mix of clients, ranging from global industry leaders to growing SME's. Drawing on a diverse scientific background, she works frequently with inventors and R&D teams to fully understand the technical detail of inventions, and seeks to build strong relationships with clients, understanding their commercial goals, developing IP strategies that provide broad protection for key inventions, and ensuring that they gain the maximum benefit from their IP.

Key subject areas for Natasha include:

  • Medical devices
  • Defence and security
  • Oil, gas, and renewable energy

Medical devices
Natasha works with inventors, R&D departments and in-house IP teams in the fields of surgical probes, surgical markers, ophthalmic lenses and packaging for ophthalmic lenses. She has particular expertise in magnetic materials and material properties.

Defence and Security
Natasha has experience drafting and prosecuting applications in the field of defence and security, in particular, drawing on her knowledge of materials characterisation techniques, and applying this to fields such as aerospace technology and navigation/guidance methods. She has experience in navigating the challenges and complexities of obtaining IP protection in this sector.

Oil, gas, and renewable energy
Having research experience in geological sciences, Natasha has sound understanding of reservoir simulation technology and hydrocarbon exploration and production methods, and she has put this knowledge to good use prosecuting patent applications in this field.

She has a growing interest in the renewable technology sector, and stays on top of the latest developments in the field as editor of our renewable energy newsletter.

Natasha has experience of accelerating patent applications using both the UK Green Channel scheme and foreign equivalent schemes.

Outside of work Natasha has a love of sport and the outdoors, competing internationally in triathlon and endurance running. She is a trained mentor and volunteers for outreach charities focused on improving access to Oxbridge and STEM degrees.