Thanishta Mungur

Thanishta Mungur

Part-Qualified Attorney
+44 (0)1225 469914

Academic Qualifications:
MSci Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of Glasgow
DPhil Chemical Biology, University of Oxford

Scientific Background:
Thanishta has a master's degree in Chemistry with a focus on Medicinal Chemistry. During her final year, she worked on a project to enhance the mitochondrial delivery of the antimalarial drug Atovaquone by conjugating triphenylphosphonium cations. After that, she did a DPhil focusing on modifying CRISPR systems to expand their use beyond gene editing.

Professional Experience:
Thanishta spent a year at GlaxoSmithKline on the lead optimization team, where she synthesised compounds as potential treatments for asthma. During her DPhil, she worked part-time at a start-up company that developed Rapid COVID Testing Kits using LAMP technology. Before joining Abel and Imray, Thanishta was a trainee patent attorney at another private practice firm in London.

When not working, she enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and doing DIY projects.