Exam Successes

Posted on April 17, 2024

Congratulations to Alessandro Giovannone, Amelia Thompson, Amelia Warren, Becca Allen, Chris Lindsay, Peri Jones, Phil Docherty and Rachael Ker on recent exam successes.

Amelia Thompson, Peri Jones and Rachael Ker have all recently passed FD1 (the UK Law & Practice patents final paper).

Alessandro Giovannone, Amelia Warren, Becca Allen and Phil Docherty passed the QM course, with all four passing with a distinction. 

Chris Lindsay passed all five of the PEB Foundation Exams, as well as the Pre-European Qualifying Exams (EQE).

Well done to all of those who saw success in their results, and for putting in all the hard work needed to succeed in these tough exams.