With the UK’s renewed focus on the nuclear industry and on innovation, IP is becoming increasingly important to all in the supply chain.

The cautious nature of this safety critical industry doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for innovative businesses. We can help guide you on the intellectual property issues that will arise.

With a 16GW fleet of new UK nuclear reactors proposed, a legacy to clean-up and ongoing generation, the opportunities in the civil nuclear sector are vast and complex. Whether you're developing mechanical equipment for the multi-billion construction of Hinkley Point C, or innovating to solve challenges in decommissioning and clean-up, intellectual property including nuclear patents can strengthen your business.

We are well-placed to support small and large businesses in all areas of the nuclear industry. Our Attorneys can advise on protecting your ideas in:

  • Nuclear systems, e.g. steam supply, mechanical and electrical systems
  • Nuclear materials science and engineering
  • Civil works
  • Turbine equipment

… and many other areas of the supply chain.

Our partnerships

Our Qualified Attorneys are trained engineers and physicists, many with experience working in industry including on the Magnox safety case and decommissioning program.

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